Mr. & Mrs. Almeida,

Thank you for taking the time to meet with us yesterday.  Your home is beautiful, and we're confident that we can sell it for an acceptable price.  Our approach is a straight-forward, two step process.  First, we have to produce marketing material that clearly showcases all of the features and all the value of your home.  Then, we take that material and put it in front of as many qualified buyers as possible.  Below you will find a few examples of our comprehensive marketing.   We'd be more than happy to bring our award winning marketing team to your home, and give it the attention it deserves.


1141 Cumbermeade Road, Fort Lee, NJ

This house illustrated very quickly the power of our marketing.  It was listed three separate times with other Sotheby's agents before us. They received no offers.  When we re-listed it, we revamped the marketing and took the time to showcase all of the details and all of the value within the home.  The best part is we knew we could do it without lowering the price, and we did.  The home sold with multiple offers.


766 Wooded Trail, Franklin Lakes, NJ

This home was listed twice with 2 different brokers for a total of 279 days on the market and it didn't sell. When we re-listed this house, we had a bidding war, and when it sold, the buyer wrote us a very telling review: 

"We recently had the opportunity to work with Jason on purchase of a home that he listed.  We were represented by our agent, but due to the complexity of the deal, we had a lot of interaction with Jason who represented the seller.  The home had been previously listed with at least one other agent but never appealed to us while surfing the web and looking through the posted marketing materials.  
When Jason took the listing over, he revamped the marketing on the house, however the virtual tour was the real differentiator.  We looked through that tour many times between showings to get a feel for the home and what we could do with it.   Jason told us he produced these videos himself, using camera equipment including drones.  The production was fabulous, and without that, we may not have been able to get to know the house as well as we did during our bidding process
To add to that, there were various inspection issues, one that was quite complex and not standard.  We did our research, but Jason went above and beyond what we would have expected from any agent to research the issue and offer solutions.  
We would recommend Jason to any buyer or seller that values a rational thinker, with exceptional marketing and technical skills." ~ Harry Moumdjian


204 Shearwater Court West #54, Jersey City, NJ

     Since Port Liberté is a largely unknown enclave in Jersey City, we put in a tremendous amount of time and effort producing a video that could quickly and efficiently explain & advertise both the penthouse & the community...   This unit had been listed with 3 previous agents for a total of 429 days unsuccessfully.   Not only did we sell it; it sold for $32,000 more than the previous agent's asking price, proving once again that marketing matters and what we do is different.

159 Anderson Avenue, Alpine, NJ

Heres' the one we just sold in Alpine for $5,800,000.

We have many more examples to share.  Perhaps we can meet again sometime next week to discuss our marketing plan in detail.  Again, thank you for your time.  Talk to you soon.